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The Dorr Rec Football Program, DRFP, is a community based program in Dorr, Michigan. The program is for kids grades 1st – 6th, and participants are not required to be residents of Dorr to participate. The goal of the DRFP is to provide the opportunity for our area youth to have a positive, enjoyable and fulfilling experience. The program is intended to teach and reinforce the ideals of good sportsmanship, strong character, respect, and teamwork, while also providing each child with the opportunity to develop their playing skills. While winning is fun for everyone, it is not the most important aspect of our program. Winning will not be placed ahead of the positive experience and wellbeing of our players.

DRFP offers both flag football, and rocket (tackle) football. Please review the individual program pages for more details.



Not as dangerous as you might think!

A Statistical Analysis of Youth Football Players Aged 9-13 Years. An April 2002 study by the Sports Medicine Center at the Mayo Clinic shows, among other things, that “the risk of injury in youth football does not appear greater than other recreational or competitive sports.”  While many studies have been done on football players in the past, most of them focus on the high school age or older. As outlined in the report, “the purpose of the project was to determine the risk of injury in youth football games.”After receiving written consent from all of the parents, the researchers studied over 900 youth football players, ranging in age from 9-13, for an entire season. The study concluded that “youth football injuries are uncommon. Most injuries are mild.